trade sega stuff for snes

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hello. i am a first time poster. i would like to trade some sega consoles and games for a snes. i can give you my ebay user id and any other info you need such as phone number if intrested in trades. now for what i have to trade.
1. sega genesis mini with all adapters, 3 controllers one three button 2
six button
2. 6 lose carts, sonic 1,wrestle mania the acrcade game, altered beast, Sonic 2, Wolvierine : adamatium rage, mortal kombat II
3. 10 carts with cases
Ren & Stimpy w case and manual
Ex- Mutants w case
MBA Jam w case and manual
Streets of Rage 2 w case and manual
WWF Raw w case
Mortal Kombat 3 w case
Ghouls 'N Ghosts w case and manual
Chakan w case
Sonic And Knuckles w case
Eternal Champions w case

I also have a Dreamcast with rf and a/v Hook ups for it 2 controllers one is a third party and i have 4 memory cards for it.. i have the web browser cd for the unit and a few games..

i am primarily intrested in trades for any nes cart based system. really in the market for a snes and games. thanks for taking the time to read..