where can i get a 72 pin for a decent price ?

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I bought an NES off ebay that needs a new one, and so far i have found some but they want like $8.00+ for shipping on top of the $8 price for the pin... are they really that high ? or can i get one for a better price elsewhere ?

I got 2 for 18.00 Its worth the money, though i need pliers to remove games the pins are so tight! Every game works, every time. Its like heaven.

Its a good price. Just think years from now, they might be even higher (or lower). Get one, or get your old on, and bend the pins back, or get a game genie. I perfer a game genie.

there is a bag of them at my work, and they are the gold one that are better than the ones i bought off ebay, how cheap is cheap?

$16 total isn't bad. I get them pretty cheap and I'd charge you more than that probably.