[Ebay UK] Selling PC,N64, GC games, dvd's, vids & more

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Hi guys, I'm sellings lots of pc games, dvd's etc if anyone from the UK is interested:

PC games
Starsky & Hutch (PC) £0.99
JetFighter II £0.10
Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Star Trek: Judgment Rites £0.50


Beverly Hills Cop (DVD 2002) £0.50

Medal of Honor European Assault (GameCube PAL) £1.99

Nintendo 64
Star Wars Episode 1: Battle for Naboo £0.99

Predator 2 £0.10
Dad's Army Selection Box - All Time Favourite Clips £0.25
Doctor Who - The Aztecs £0.25
Doctor Who The Dalek Invasion Of Earth Deleted Rare £0.50
Doctor Who - The Seeds Of Death Years Deleted Rare £0.35
Doctor Who - The Pertwee Years Deleted Rare £0.45
Doctor Who The Ark In Space Deleted Rare £0.45

Star trek magazines

Star Trek Monthly No:54 July 99 £0.15
Star Trek Monthly No:56 Sept 99 £0.15
Star Trek Monthly No:60 December 99 £0.15
Star Trek Monthly No:49 Feb 99 £0.10
Star Trek Monthly No:46 Nov 98 £0.15
Star Trek Monthly No:57 Oct 99 £0.15

Other stuff

Bean The Script Book- the ultimate disaster movie £0.10
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Issue 26 Oct 2001 £0.10
Star Trek klingon battle cruiser make your own starship £0.10
Star Wars Millennium falcon (make your own falcon!) £0.10
Phantom Menace The Unofficial Gameplayer's Guide £0.25
Doctor Who The Completely Useless Encyclopedia £0.50
Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Weapons & Technology £0.99

All these things finish of sunday

Here's the link

Instead of making a new thread for everytime you have different items, update your first thread. Thank you.