Stuff for Sale or Trade (with pictures)

In Buy/Sell/Trade

Hey. I've got some stuff here I'd like to part with. For sales I prefer Paypal. It provides for nearly fraud-free transactions. Trades are welcomed as well. Only looking for NES stuff as far as video games go. But I'm open to trades of all sorts. Anything interesting. I like rock n roll records and art books alot.

Anyways here's the stuff. Get at me if you're interested in anything. Oh yeah, the big white splash in the middle of each photo is the reflection of my camera's flash. You know, glossy surfaces and stuff.

All of these games have been cleaned and tested. The labels look good with no peeling.

Here are some Game Boy and SNES manuals. Some are in like new condition, others have some wear.

Here's a manual for a Game Gear system as well one for Shinobi.

More to come in the next post.

Donkey Kong Country 3 Guide from Nintendo POWer. It's in great shape with no creases, tears or damage. Aside from the slightest amount of cover wear, it's like new.

Super Mario RPG Guide from Nintendo POWer. No tears or rips, but this gude has seen some use. The cover has taken the most wear, the inside is very nice. I tried numerous times to get a good shot of this, but it kept coming out blurry. The guide itself isn't blurry.

Here's two POWer packs/ac adaptors for the original Gameboy, as well as two link cables. They're untested, no GB to test them on.

More to come!

Prima Donkey Kong 64 Guide. It's in like new condition. Sticker sheet is still intact. I don't think this guide was ever used.

Mario 64 guide from Nintendo POWer. This one's in excellent shape. Only a little bit of cover wear.

Starfox 64 guide from Nintendo POWer. Another guide with excellent pages but a slightly worn cover.

Prima WCW vs. NWO World Tour guide. This one definitely has some wear on the cover and the entire guide is a little warped. However, the pages are nice, with no tears or creases.

Brady Games: Totally Unathorized Nintendo 64 Games Guide Volume 1. Contains strategy for Mario 64, Pilotwings 64, WaveRace 64, Mortal Combat Trilogy and NBA Hangtime. Guide has some wear, but no torn or creased pages.

Hollar at me if you're interested in anything.

MArio RPG guide How much?

20 American dollars with US shipping and delivery confirmation. Or make me an offer. I'm open to offers on all this stuff.