My ebay stuff this week

In Buy/Sell/Trade

I've got the boxed NG CD and a bunch of famicom / super famicom games up including a boxed (no manual) Mother and a complete FF3 that's a little ratty around the edges.

As usual I'll cut board members (that have been here a while) special deals with shipping or throwing in a free game I have laying around depending on how much you buy! (just tell me you you are before I ship it)

looks like your going to cash in on that Neo-Geo CD. NICE Probably get like 10 times more than you paid for huh?

I think I paid equal to $20 US because it came in a box.

I'm going to have to start selling more systems, I make more cash for less trouble than with games.

I've got some Final Fantasy lots and some BOXED systems.

Let's not forget the mega-rare-ninja-cool gameboy light system.