Miracle Piano and Iniana Jones

In Buy/Sell/Trade

Could anybody help me with the pricing of a mint Miracle Piano with stand case and all original papers some still sealed and a copy by Tatio of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusades Thanks for your time and help.

You have these? or want them? I think a miracle piano would go for like 500+

i think the miracle piano complete setup, in box would be $70 - $150 depending on condition

oh, i thought i read somewhere that the loose piano was going for 300.00 in 2001...

I have these to sell.And thank you for the input!! Sometimes the nes prices change faster then the Stock Market I was thinking along the lines of 400 to 600 it is Mint and still in tune and ready to play with all original accessories and papers. I just dont want to lose money or insult someone with an outrages price either.Thanks


400 - 600?

a new IN BOX one, never used only hit like $300

A cart only of miracle piano is going for 2.99 on EBay with a couple of days left.

no one cares about the cart. its the actual setup that is wanted. Do you have one Nesmaster?

I don't have one, and im not going to spend over $100 for one in box

I'm sure people care about the cart

I have the cart, I just got in the mail today I bought it for like 10 bucks, apparently its supposed to be worth more than 40.

Really? Man i should choose my reading material more closely. i guess their information isnt very reliable.

HOWEVER...DAVID said he saw one going for 2.99...so my rarity list might be innaccurate, but I have never ever seen that cart in my life in this area of the world...I guess its where you are from and all. I read somewhere that it was only released in 2 US cities.

He's talking about this one:

It's got no bids at £2.99 (not $) but the cart is useless without the piano which is why I would say it is not worth much by itself (unless you already have the piano). I assume that is the PAL version. Maybe the NTSC one is rarer if it had a more limited release.

It's a region thing I think, I think it might be more common in Europe...the PAL version.

I passed up one for $10 CAD simply because its useless without the piano.

ill buy it.