Nearing 6 months

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Well, on 5/25, the new NES Files Forums will be online for 6 months. Due to my extensive work schedule, I sadly haven't been able to participate too much in the past few months, but I'm glad to see a great little community has formed around the forums. We're getting consistently over 1000 visitors a day according to the webstats(far more people read than post). We're getting 45-125 new posts every day(averaging about 68). I'd like to thank everyone here, especially Roth, NES-Luke, and Manuel for moderating the forums. Thank you all and enjoy your stay!


Hey man this is a great place. This is the only forum in wich i ever post. I hope this place always stays up and never shuts down.

I only post here, too. It's nice that there are gaming forums that do not involve flaming, bitter arguments,or name calling (usually).

Same as I. I have no reason to post anywhere else. These forums R great!

Long live The NES Files

Cool, a half anniversary.
It's a great place here. I'm also only posting here regularly.

I'm happy that the fourm is building bigger and better with a lot of people signed up. I think we have 560 some users. Not bad.

Yup, I love this community.

I to enjoy the fact that no one gets flamed for asking a simple question and there are no fights about stupid things like on other forums. I like this place, it rocks.