Server Move

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Hello. The servers for and have now been moved to was blocking Googlebot from my site, so I'm dropping them as an ISP... Please LMK if anything doesn't work quite right. Thanks.


Until now everything works a 100% fine.
At least I didn't notice the slightest change.

yeah nothing is different to me lol! Since i have been here the site has updated though! its cool.

It could be just me, but I've noticed that the google ads tend to nestle themselves right inside the side menu on the main page. Somewhat annoying when you're in a hurry, and their similar names can throw you off track. If keeping it there is paying server bills, well, okay...just saying that moving it elsewhere might increase the flow of the place.

Hmmm still looks great to me. I didnt notice anything.

I believe what Rabidshark is referring to is the main page of the site, in upper left corner menu:

I feel the same as him, if it helps get some cash to keep the place up, hoorah for it!

I have no problems with that.

I always come by . No need to check the main page.

I haven't noticed anything - but then again, I usually check out the most recently viewed topics links