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Is it just me or did our avatars get smaller?

Yes, they did get smaller. The forums were starting to look really bad (in reference to continuity... for lack of a better word, you know what I mean ), so some settings were switched around on the forums. Don't worry, same avies, just smaller to keep everything looking nice. If everyone can keep their avatars to about 150px wide or smaller, it should work out just fine.

HA! I changed from my Jet Jaguar avatar for that very reason! I'm ahead of the game!


I resized your current one.

I was that no one would burst my blissful delusion.

That was a good decision.
Too big avatars can make a site look really ugly.
Small is fine.

now it's time to crack down on some of those sigs....

Not my precious Vikings!

Most sigs are fine.
At the moment I can't recall a single sig that would be too big.