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Hey everyone, I've created a search plugin for FireFox that enables you to search the forums from your browser. All you have to do is download and extract it's contents into the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\searchplugins
Then you should have a nice little icon in your search bar and be able to search the forums. Thanks goes out to ZEN for hosting these files as I don't have webspace right now. Thanks alot dude! Hope everyone likes it

Nice, I search the forums often, so it should be of use. thanks!

Works fine for me too. Nicely done!

Thanks guys. Once I get some web space and have a permanent home for it, I'll slap the "check for updates" code in it and all that other stuff (ie installer). At that point I'll also end up submitting it to mozdev for a place for download there too For now, onto other projects...

That's very cool Roth, thanks a lot. Nicely done indeed!

Would these other projects prehaps include making a type of chewing gum that does not lose it's flavour (or flavor) so soon........please?

you should try Orbit, it lasts awhile and so does eclipse

EDIT: i just installed it. good job Roth

Nice! Can't wait to go home and add this.

Hey, I updated the link in the original post. It's got the same files, just updated now to use as the redirect, as I'm not sure how long ZEN will leave the files on his site. So redownload from the original post to get the files if you use the search in Firefox.

It's nice to see you back, Roth. I thought we'd ticked you off the other day too badly. Sorry for the off game posting...
I'm going to download this just in case, once I get another HD I'm going to get Firefox. I've heard and have seen with my own eyes all the perks about it.