How many Official US (NTSC) NES games are there in total?

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This is something that has been bothering me for a while so let me explain. I got an official list from nintendo's site a while ago and after numbering the list I came up with the total 673. Now here's where I think it gets a bit tricky, I understand why they didn't include the 1990 NWC cart because it wasn't a store available game. However, I noticed it omits Mike Tyson's Punchout!! and only includes Punchout!! feat: Mr.Dream. Now I understand that technically these are the same game, but with a different label, title, main boss, and intro. In my mind they can be counted as 2 seperate titles. They counted Stadium Events and World Class Track Meet as 2 different games, and their differences are far less glaring, so I think Punchout should be the same. I wouldn't however count things such as variants like the gold/gray Zelda cart, or the different labels on SMB/Duckhunt. So just regular store released games not counting variants (unless they are massive like Punchout) How can I determine an exact number of released US official games, part of my problem when comparing lists is they don't seperate all the Camerica, Aladdin, Paneasian, etc. so it makes it hard to differentiate and I only want to worry about offical games until I'm complete then I will seek out the others. Anyways I'm currently at 125 unique carts and I want that number to be complete one day. As of now my list of games not including the NWC is at 674. If anyone has what they feel is a difinitive answer on this though I would love to hear it! Thanks!

If somebody finds out, please tell us.

I, as a German, would like to know how many games there were released in total in Europe.

And how many games were released in Japan?

I have no clue, but surely would want to know. Perhaps I should research a bit when I'm in Japan. I'm too busy at university to do that now.

Hmm.. Well Digital Press has 772 US games listed, but that includes all the unofficial games including the aladdin ones.

According to this list there were 94 unofficial games:

So that should mean there are 678 official games (this includes the NWC cart). Apart from the list at the Nintendo website I'm not sure where else there would be a nice concise list of these games because most collectors are interseted in the unlicensed games too.

Manual, my experience of trying to find a good list of European games has been frustrating, mainly because there were quite a few games that were released in some countries but not others.

That's the biggest problem, games being released only in some countries.
I think I will concentrate on Japanese games. But those are quite many, I think over 1200.

I've visited a few sites that boasted 1743 games for the nintendo system, but i don't know for sure how many every time I go to check there list so I can download the ones I don't have I can't get a response from the sites unless there are others trying to do the same thing.

Well I'm certain the number is under 700 (official US only) I'm thinking its in the 674-685 range but I'm having a hard time finding differences in all the game lists since they are all so freakin' long.