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Game: Zelda
Reviewer: gran
Date/time reviewed: 3/8/2004 2:07:01 PM
Title: The game of games.
ITS PERFECT!!! IN every aspect. The game revolutionized the gaming industry. It was untouchable at the time and still is today. It was the first game i ever beat. I also beat the game more than any other game (Metroid for NES is a very close second). I had no life growing up and still dont for that matter, but i played through alot of NES's and games. Been playin since 86. Played thru the days of NES, sega, sega genisis,game boy, turbo grafix16, super nintendo, playstation, nintendo64, playstation2, gameboy advanced, xbox, and pc consoles. there are more I know like panasonic, and magnavox which did at a time have a gameing console. But of all the thousands of dollars that were spent on me or i spent on myself in regards to videogames. the 29.99 back in 1986 was the best and most valuable to this day. PERFECT PERFECT game...

10+ | 10

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