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Game: Metal Gear
Reviewer: BombOmb
Date/time reviewed: 1/11/2003 1:42:49 PM
Title: Mental Fear
Good game, horrible translations, hard as hell. This game is the best covert game (and the ONLY covert game) for the NES and should be bought by hardcore fans. Gameplay takes some getting used to, but other than that it's pretty much like a 2d version of Metal Gear solid without kick-butt graphics. I can not, however, take this game seriously for its lame translations like guards saying "I'M FALLING ASLEEP!!!!!" (it's just like that, in all caps and many exclamation points) and the briefing that I can NOT read worth a monkey's aorta just make me take this game as a joke. But other than that it is a good game and should be bought if you're into the series.

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