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Game: Megaman
Reviewer: Captain N
Date/time reviewed: 9/22/2005 6:53:10 PM
Title: If it weren't for Intellivision, Atari, or Nintendo...
I'm assuming that reading the reviews nobody here is at least twenty years old because if it were not for Intellivision, Atari, or Nintendo for that matter there would not be the consoles that are on the market today. These games pioneered the video game industry and that was many moons ago but there will be a time when the systems you're purchasing for bundles of dollars right now will be for sale at Gamestop or on E-Bay.com so just remember before you thrash a video game because it's nothing you've experienced before, just remember you have the creators of this era to thank! 8 bit still rules!

Captain N "The Game Master"

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