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Game: Megaman
Reviewer: ToddVania
Date/time reviewed: 10/3/2002 3:01:43 PM
Title: Everyone should own this one.
I remember, when this first came out, the instruction book was so sparse that me and friends actually got through quite a few stages without even knowing that Mega Man inherited weapons from his foes. Once we figured that out, this game turned into one I played most often, it was that addictive, and still is. Just finished it twice in a row the other day, and I'm glad that in the world of game carts, at least, nothing changes. Music is fabulous, and so is the gameplay, although Mega Man has trouble stopping in his tracks sometimes. Was the first of my friends to complete the Gutsman stage without the portable step-maker, and I was known as a vid stud for awhile after that. A truly enjoyable one that brings back tons of memories. I just wish that damned Nintendo would accept games better. Prices on eBay for the damned top-loader are just too high. 9 out of 10.

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