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Game: Final Fantasy
Reviewer: Sir Léon
Date/time reviewed: 3/17/2002 12:53:11 AM
Title: Final Fantasy
I played FFIIV and it sucked.
I found a good NES emulator on the web and started seaching for my favorite games back when i was a kid. Excitebike, Sidepocket, Blades of Steel, and some of my newer favorites after playing Metal Gears Solid and Sons of Liberty, I got Metal Gear and Snake's Revenge. So I thought about what else to get, and i saw Final fantasy,,,and i was like "this has to be better than 7" so i downloaded it,,,and it was in Frickin Japanese,,,i did that about 5 times until finaly (pardon the pun) got Final Fantasy American....

This is my favorite NES game of all time so far, and it will be most likely, This game has so much replayablilty, and it is great.
Gameplay: 10
Grafix:10 for that era
Overall: 10!!

Verdict: If you have 50 bucks get this game on eBay, if you want to save money, download an emulator, then download this game, you will love it for a lifetime.

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