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Game: Final Fantasy
Reviewer: Mike the Bike
Date/time reviewed: 4/11/2001 2:42:40 AM
Title: Light Warrors of the Dragon Quest
Back in the days this was progres. Refinig the Dragon Warror format and giving it boost. Four orphans were given task to save the world by restoring the power of four elemental orbs. Now days the story is simple but in its time it was something diifrent and unsuspected when warrors traweled back in time to fight the final boss. Game play is on reptive side do to the
slow and long battles. And BOY , there are lots of those battles! Game is basicly non stop turnbattle tournament whit little exploring on the side.

Motto of the game:-"Yes give me 99 potions. Yes that is corpse of my friend Noel, he is b.mage."

Rating:=-->NOW 3/5
Back in the days 5/5

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