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Game: Castlevania
Reviewer: Lord of the Shades
Date/time reviewed: 6/2/2006 6:08:16 AM
Title: A tricky start
This one is to tight. To much pits and way to much enemies to drop you to your doom.
It started the hole castlevania plotline, but it's lot of bits to hard.
A casual gamer cannot do this game without screaming till breakdown.
While the first three levels are quite fair to go, the last three are that tough - speaking right of level five and six. It's ok that one level is a bit more challenging than the previous, but not in those steps. That reduces the replay value enormously.
I never finished this game. Have gone to Grim Reaper and died right away of lacking energy. Never saw level six without cheating.
I like the music, that's the best about the game. But there is no reason to play a game for the music and to go never further than level five if one can manage to pummel himself with such an unfairish difficulty.
Can a normal gamer stand the second difficulty? How is that without cheating - die hard, get buried and keep silent in eternal peace.

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