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Anyone have any idea whether or not Light Gun Emulation is possible...essentially, what I want to do is mod or purchase a classic NES light gun, modify it to USB, then use my CRT or output to a TV and emulate light gun support...not mouse support that acts like a light gun, but a real light gun.

I've searched and searched, and so far come up pretty much empty.

I saw that, but the gun doesn't seem to be for sale, nor is it the classic gun (for copyright reasons I'm sure.)

Anyone have any ideas?

it's on backorder, but it is for sale, and does claim to work under FCEUltra.

Well, I'd use an NES adapter and try configging it to work for ya. I do know that the Zapper detects a certain signal as "hit" (white) and certain signal as "miss" (other). How to get it to work is beyond me, maybe a big white screen in paint, but I'm not sure if any NES emulators support lightguns. At the very least, you'd be able to use it with MAME shooting games.

Thanks - I did find that gun later on yesterday, but it looks stupid. I would be ashamed to use it with a classic NES system.

I know pretty well how the light gun works, but I can't myself program something that will work with it.

I've done more reserach, and I'm considering just purchasing a toploading NES system for the light gun games - those were always the most fun.

Check out this link to an interview with Brian Parker, the proprietor of Retro Zone. He mentions difficulty with the light gun.


What link?

I tried...and tried...and tried again to make an NES lightgun work with my mame cabinet but never got anywhere with it. The closest I got was using Direct Pad Pro in conjunction with a program called Joy to Key. I tried to trick the comp into thinking the mouse click and the light gun trigger were the same thing. I did manage to get a white block on the screen when I pulled the trigger...but it wouldn't register a hit

i cant tell you how it DOES work, but i can tell you how it doesnt, and it doesnt work via dpadpro.. the zapper uses different pins in the nes connector.. the family fun fitness, or POWerpad doesnt work with it either, it uses the same pins as the zapper. on top of that, theres no reason why the zapper would be compatable with 33khz monitors(vga).
i dont know if the zapper does work by seeing white or not.. then how would the nes know which of the two ducks you just killed in Duckhunt?